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Jonathan Powder Broyles

   Jonathan Broyles of ConInk Tattoos, grew up in Riverside, Ca, and currently lives and works in Menifee, Ca. He has been tattooing for 23 years, but his passion for art has been lifelong. He is blessed to have been able to make a career out of his passion. He never stops learning and developing his talent and honing his skill with a goal of producing the highest quality art for his clients. Jonathan appreciates so much the clients that have been faithful to him, some for decades and he loves meeting all his new clients that help him advance the ConInk movement. He truly considers it a privilege to meet so many people from all over who come and trust him to make their ideas and concepts into high quality artistic pieces that will last a lifetime. Jonathan made a commitment early on in his career that he would work to be highly proficient in multiple styles of tattooing so that his clients can feel comfortable knowing that no matter the style they are looking for, they can get it at ConInk Tattoos. Weather you are looking for black and gray, color, realism, traditional, neo traditional, portraits, custom font, japanese, bio organic, geo metric, biomechanical, literally any style of art a client could be interested in, Jonathan is happy to work with them to develop their ideas and give them the best highest quality piece. He uses industry best in all products from, machines to ink and after care, believing that quality products really do make a difference and help in healing and therefore help with the finished product. If you would like to book an appointment the easiest way is to book through this site or through the ConInk app. If you have any questions please feel free to text Jonathan directly at 951-333-0161. He looks forward to meeting you soon.


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